Breast-Feeding Moms Take Action

For its part, Victoria's Secret maintains that it supports breast-feeding and its policy actually allows it in stores. "There was an unfortunate misunderstanding in the incident involving us, but you know what, if it's brought forth even greater things, that's fine," said Anthony Hebron, spokesman for parent company Limited Brands in Columbus, Ohio.

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While they support breast-feeding and mothers' rights, many of those involved in protecting them understand that not everyone thinks women should be able to breast-feed anywhere and everywhere.

"These are deeply imbedded beliefs that are hard to change," Lofton said. "People really and truly mean well, but they just truly feel that it's not appropriate. There is a way to discreetly breast-feed. Every mother who has ever been asked to leave has been discreet. You don't have to disrobe to nurse. If it's a fussy baby, there might be a flash of flesh that one might see, yet there's no comparison to what we see not only on the beach but walking down the street."

Rueger agreed, saying: "I think you should have some respect for privacy and try to find a corner. That's exactly what I was trying to do."

She hopes the law passes as easily as Limehouse predicts it will. "It would be a true victory for families here in South Carolina that are in support of nursing," she said.

And while she may be the driving force behind the legislation, she declines the "lactivist" title. "I'm just a mom who was trying to feed her baby the only way that she can eat," she said, "and a lot happened because of that."

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