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Iraq Council Head shifts to position at odds with U.S. Ahmad Chalabi, the president of Iraq's interim government, is in New York this week to press alternatives to the Bush administration's occupation policy in postwar Iraq, he and his aides say. In the process, he may complete a personal transformation from protégé of Pentagon conservatives to Iraqi nationalist with a loud, independent voice. (NY Times)


Saudi Arabia

Saudi farm raid sets off hostage standoff

Saudi security forces raided a farm in a search for Islamic militants Tuesday, setting off a running battle with gunmen who fled into a hospital and took foreigners hostage, security officials said. (AP)

Some 600 arrested since Riyadh bombings

Saudi ambassador to Britain says two-thirds of arrested since Riyadh bombings in May are still in custody. (AFP)

Satellite communication devices smuggled into the country

Informed sources revealed that satellite communication devices of the same type used by terrorist cells were smuggled into Saudi Arabia through three neighboring countries; Yemen, Qatar and the UAE. Saudi authorities had previously found the same devices which were believed to have been used by terrorists in coordinating operations. (Asharq Al Awsat)

Analysis: Al Qaeda mutating like a virus Terror networks operating with renewed vigor Iraq war helping bin Laden recruit suicide bombers (Toronto Star)


16 Taliban arrested in Afghanistan sweep

Sixteen Taliban have been arrested in southern Afghanistan in a sweep by 1,000 Afghan fighters and more than 300 U.S.-led coalition troops hunting for leaders of the former regime, a local commander said Thursday. (AP)

Taliban claims it has control over four districts The Taliban are in control of four districts in southeast Afghanistan and have formed four committees to organize "resistance" to US-led forces, a spokesperson for the resurgent militia was quoted saying here on Monday. (News 24 – South Africa),6119,2-10-1462_1419875,00.html

Analysis: Taliban's shoots start to sprout from roots that the US failed to eradicate First there were warnings: two men on motorcycles who threatened a water supply team from the Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees for working with the infidels, and gunmen at a roadblock who torched a Dacaar vehicle. (Financial Times)


Yemen frees top terror suspect, plans to release 150 others in Ramadan

Yemen has released a "top terror suspect" after five years in jail and said it will free 150 others who have "sworn off violence" during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, the defense ministry's weekly newspaper said Thursday. (AFP)

note: this story is currently only available on Arab press online and through the wires. If you wish to receive a full-text article, please let us know.

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