Inside the Mind of John Karr


It is harder to be sure about John Karr than another person who might be speaking of his experiences and actions because of how he mixes the paranormal with the everyday. When he speaks of communicating with Polly Klass, we wonder whether he also refers to the spiritual plane when he speaks of JonBenet. When he speaks of reaching out so avidly to Polly Klass' killer, he seeks clues about the uniqueness of their bond. In presenting himself as with JonBenet Ramsey when she died, John Karr has replicated, for the moment, a sense of being uniquely close to someone who is more than a person to him, but something of an icon. His level of adulation and affection for JonBenet contrasts with the level of violence of the crime.

Dr. Welner is chairman and founder of the Forensic Panel (, a forensic consulting group that provides peer-reviewed expert testimony in court cases. He is also developing an evidence-based test to assist criminal sentencing called the Depravity Scale,, which invites Americans to participate in surveys that are used to form a legal standard of what represents the worst of crimes.

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