Exonerated Ex-Duke Players Don't Deserve Scorn

As New York Times columnist Peter Applebome recently asked, "How did college kids with no shortage of character witnesses become such a free-fire zone for the correct thinkers in academia, the news media and the socially conscious left?"

It's worth remembering, finally, that while Evans has graduated, Seligmann and Finnerty -- good students and talented Division I athletes -- continue to reap the fruits of Nifong's misconduct. For reasons of personal safety, if nothing else, they cannot return to a city where Nifong remains chief prosecutor or to a University where so many prominent people vilified them. So, as of now, neither knows where they will attend school next year.

Their uncertain situation presents an opportunity for academic leaders to help rectify the injustice the two have experienced at the hands of the media and professors at Duke.

Seligmann and Finnerty are two students who have borne an unimaginable burden over the past year, but retained faith that justice would prevail. Both spent their time away from school working with high school students; both have publicly expressed hope that their case will trigger reforms in the North Carolina criminal justice system to protect wrongfully accused people in the future.

Administrators at Ivy League schools or institutions with top lacrosse programs should be desperate to have people like Seligmann or Finnerty as among their student body. Hopefully, two schools will have the courage to stand up to political correctness and help bring closure to this case.

K.C. Johnson was an ABC News consultant on the Duke Lacrosse case and is a professor of history at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center. He is writing a book about the Duke case and ran one of the most popular blogs on the case -- Durham-In-Wonderland.

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