Abigail Hernandez Waited to Reveal Her Kidnapper's Name

PHOTO: Abigail Hernandez, right, sits with family and friends as she listens to her mother Zenya Hernandez, center, talk with N.H. Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane Young in Conway, N.H., July 29, 2014.PlayCharles Krupa/AP Photo
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The New Hampshire teen who was kidnapped last fall knew who her captor was, but did not reveal the name until a week after her release from captivity, court papers reveal.

A week after she mysteriously returned home this summer, Abigail Hernandez told her mother she knew who had been holding her captive for nine months because she found his name in a cookbook he handed to her when she was being held captive, according to the newly-released documents.

The documents were released on Wednesday in response to a motion filed by The Associated Press to unseal the arrest warrant affidavit against Nathaniel Kibby.

Hernandez, 15, has denied she ever had contact with Kibby before the kidnapping.

Kibby was arrested on July 28, a week after Hernandez reappeared. He has been charged with kidnapping and remains in custody.