Andrea Sneiderman Murder Charges Dropped in Dunwoody Daycare Case


Sneiderman still faces 13 charges, most for allegedly lying to police and perjury on the witness stand. But the charges that so many have expected, that she was directly involved in her husband's murder, are gone.

"It's a huge victory for the defense," Fleischer said. "They have been saying from day one that she was not involved in planning this murder. And now it appears prosecutors can't prove that she was."

"I'm deeply disappointed that the DA's office is not going to try those charges," said Bob Rubin, who, with his co-counsel, defended Hemy Neuman with a strategy that blamed Andrea Sneiderman.

"It was certainly unfair to Andrea Sneiderman -- who, again, I'm not a big fan of -- but it is unfair to her to put her through that," Rubin added. "Why indict those charges in the first place if you don't think you can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt?"

Most of those involved in the current case are under a gag order and cannot comment. But the dropped charges come as one final piece of bad news for the Sneiderman family.

"They believe that Andrea played a role, and they wanted justice. And now they feel like they're not gonna get that," Fleischer said.

After Neuman's trial, Rusty Sneiderman's parents and brother told "20/20" co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas that there was one thing they wanted even more than justice: that the memory of their son live on.

"We miss him," said his mother, Marilyn Sneiderman. "He was the light in our life."

"He had so much more to offer the world. The world is so much poorer because he's not here," said his father, Steve Sneiderman.

Perhaps most bereft are Rusty Sneiderman's children, Sophia and Ian, who live with their mother and without a father.

Asked what he would tell them about their dad, Steve Sneiderman told Vargas, "That he loved them so. He wanted nothing but the best for them. Rusty's motto was to dream big, and I hope that those two will dream big."

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