Asian Wig Bandit Prompts $25,000 Reward Offer by LAPD

PHOTO: Los Angeles Police released a video of robbery suspect "Asian Wig Bandit." PlayLAPD
WATCH 'Asian Wig Bandit' Suspected in 15 Robberies

The Los Angeles Police Department is offering a $25,000 reward for information on a burglar they are calling the 'Asian Wig Bandit' who is combing through southern California businesses.

"This guy is bold, and he is brazen," LAPD Detective Daniel Jaramillo told ABC News. "And that's why there is so much urgency in this case. We need to get that one clue that will set everything in motion."

Police are hoping the Asian Wig Bandit's striking look will work against him.

"He is a tall, thin guy who always wears a woman's wig and sunglasses. It's a unique look. Sometimes he wears a different colored wig, but people are recognizing him. People will see him and activate robbery alarms. It's prevented some robberies and he's spooked, but he still won't be deterred," said Jaramillo.

The suspect's most recent heist occurred on June 8, 2013, at a business in Chula, Vista, Calif. Police say the incident fits in a pattern they have identified in the Asian Wig Bandit's burglaries.

Bandits With Colorful Monikers

"He targets businesses that do money transfers and sell valuables," said Jaramillo. "The suspect brandishes a handgun and, if the employees cooperate, runs off with cash and jewelry. "

"His motive is clear." Jaramillo told ABC News. "Get money."

The Asian Wig Bandit has reportedly targeted 15 stores since Dec. 9, 2012.

"Nobody has been seriously injured," said Jaramillo, "but in the first incident in December, he tasered someone. The victim was fine, he received some treatment, and did not have to go to the hospital."

What began as a single investigation has evolved into a massive hunt involving multiple police departments in southern California.

"Initially our investigation began with a focus on burglaries in the LA-area. As we noticed these were connected, we saw he had begun targeting cities outside of the area as well," Jaramillo said.

"We notified the police in areas he has targeted so local patrol officers know to keep a look out," Jaramillo said.

"We are sharing information and leads with these departments," Jaramillo said.

The LAPD is also working with the affected businesses to get clues on the Asian Wig Bandit's identity.

Jaramillo would not comment on how much the Asian Wig Bandit has stolen so far.