Assault Weapons Ban Talk Sparks Run on Gun Stores


"I would make the point when it comes to more restrictions on firearms in our society, that if we go down that path, we're going to miss the focal point of providing safety. I think that is really the wrong debate to have. We've had an assault weapon ban previous in our history, " Hutchinson said. "You had school violence continue. It's not restricted to weapons. You think of Timothy McVeigh, he used fertilizer to conduct his mayhem. So I would rather focus on the safety side, what can we do to better secure and protect our children at school."

Hutchinson echoed LaPierre's argument that armed guards were critical to the security of school children and pushed back against criticism from Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who said schools should not be turned into "armed camps."

"I am not someone who believes that having multiple, armed guards, in every school, is something that will enhance the learning environment, and that is our first responsibility inside a school, is the learning environment, you don't want to make this an armed camp for kids, I don't think that is a positive example for children," he said. "We should be able to figure out some other ways to enhance safety."

But if what Nesby, Hyatt and other gun shops are seeing is true, many Americans are not taking any chances.

"People are afraid of their government, they're afraid the government is going to restrict their access to semiautomatic firearms, to magazines, and even to ammunition so they're buying up everything on the shelves," Nesby said.

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