Ohio Police Find Bodies of Trio Stuffed in Hollowed Out Tree


Early on in the investigation, Police temporarily locked down nearby Kenyon College when Hermann's pickup truck was found parked on the campus one day after cops had observed it in the family's driveway.

Police said they believe Hoffman played a role in the family's disappearance, saying they were not "under their own power" when they were taken from their home.

Since finding Sarah alive Sunday, police warned the other family members may have been killed.

The only known connection between Hoffman and Maynard and her family is that Hoffman's parents live within walking distance of Maynard's mother's home.

Sarah Maynard and Family Disappeared Last Week

"At this time, whether he's connected to the family or whether he connected himself to the family … a lot of that remains to be seen," Sheriff David Barber said earlier in the week.

Neighbors described Hoffman's behavior as "bizarre," saying they would see him climbing trees, spying on them from the boughs, building fires on his front lawn and killing small animals.

"He was killing the squirrels because he doesn't grocery shop," neighbor Kara Fowler told ABC News. "He would actually kill the squirrels and eat them."

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