Bowe Bergdahl’s Former Roommates Paint Different Picture of Controversial Soldier


When Bergdahl was released, the White House praised the return of the soldier, but Full said he found Bergdahl's hero's welcome "frustrating."

"There was real heroes over there that upheld their oath, swore by their oath, upheld their military procedures, followed orders, did what was expected of them when you become a member of the armed forces and some of them didn't come home and he's getting to come home and he's not a hero," he said. "Somebody that deserts is not a hero."

Horton said she wasn't surprised to hear his platoonmates' feelings about Bergdahl and the controversy surrounding his release.

"It hurts because once again they don't know him, they haven't talked to him either so they are making--they are prejudging, so it's hurtful," she said. "One of the reasons why he wanted to join the army was because one of his really strong beliefs was our rights as Americans, freedom of speech... this is one of the things that was closest to Bowe, is that we have these rights."

ABC News' Martha Raddatz, Neal Karlinsky and Cindy Smith contributed to this report.

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