Casey Anthony Trial: Taped Conversation Shows Casey Anthony Building Elaborate Lie


Casey Anthony's Brother Says She Had No Reaction to Caylee's Disappearance

Lee Anthony testified that his mother had asked him to come to the home to help get answers from his sister about Caylee. He said that Casey Anthony refused to let anyone from the family pick up Caylee, saying that she was sleeping at the nanny's house and she didn't want to disrupt the toddler.

"Nothing was making sense to me...why couldn't we or anybody just go get Caylee and bring her home. There's no reason to fight with mom at this point," Lee Anthony said he advised his sister.

At one point, Casey Anthony told her brother that she wasn't letting them see Caylee because "maybe I'm a spiteful b***," Lee Anthony said.

Casey Anthony told her brother that their mom "had numerous times thrown it in her face" that she "was an unfit mother for Caylee." and that their mother "had also referenced Caylee as being a mistake, but a great mistake or the best mistake that Casey's ever made," Lee Anthony said.

Finally, after telling Casey Anthony that the police were on their way and that the police would go to the nanny's home whether Casey Anthony wanted to take them there or not, Casey Anthony confessed that her daughter had been missing for a month.

When Cindy Anthony heard that her granddaugther was stolen, she became frantic and called 911 for a third time that day and a police officer arrived within minutes.

Brendan Fletcher, the police officer who responded to the Anthony home, testified today that Casey Anthony was initially uncooperative with him.

"She didn't really say much," Fletcher said. "I was not getting anything to further the nature of the call and the concerns of her mother."

Eventually, Anthony told Fletcher that a nanny named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez had Caylee at the Sawgrass Apartments. Fletcher and another deputy drove to the apartment with Casey Anthony. The lights were off and no one was home, Fletcher said. The officer said he could see into the apartment and noticed there was no furniture.

This morning's testimony began with cross-examination of Amy Huizenga, the former friend of Casey Anthony. Casey Anthony was found guilty of six felonies earlier this year for writing checks from Huizenga's account without her knowledge to buy clothes and groceries during the month Caylee was missing.

Huizenga said that Casey Anthony frequently referred to her mother, Cindy, as "crazy."

Cindy Anthony testified Tuesday that she'd called Huizenga out of desperation when she had been unable to track down Casey and Caylee for a month, although they lived with Cindy Anthony. She found Huizenga's phone number in Casey's car after retrieving the vehicle from the tow pound.

It was Huizenga who led Cindy Anthony to the apartment where Casey Anthony was staying on July 15, 2008.

"[It was] a massive explosion of mother and daughter and... I was a little scared and really tried to close myself off…I was caught in the middle for a while…a lot of confrontation," said Huizenga of the moment when Casey and Cindy Anthony saw each other for the first time in a month on July 15, 2008.

Today's testimony was less emotional than on Tuesday when a crying Cindy Anthony crumpled on the stand, burying her head in her arms, as jurors listened to her frantic 911 calls to report her granddaughter's disappearance.

Lee Anthony showed little emotion today, while Casey Anthony cried at the sight of her brother and during a lengthy side bar among the lawyers and the judge.

Casey Anthony's defense team have claimed that her elaborate lies during the time of her daughter's life and disappearance were the way she coped with years of alleged abuse at the hands of her father, George Anthony, and alleged attempted abuse by her brother, Lee Anthony.

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