Casey Anthony Verdict: Anthony Family Gets Death Threats in Wake of Acquittal, Asks for Privacy


"I didn't hear any evidence at all that they have that Casey Anthony actually killed her child," Murphy told the "Today" show on June 8. "There's plenty that she lied. Plenty she was a bad mother. Plenty she probably participated in burying the body, maybe even covering up the crime. But I didn't hear one thing that put Casey Anthony at the murder scene."

"If you don't have motive and opportunity and intent, there's reasonable doubt all over the place," she told tonight.

Murphy also said Cindy Anthony's claims that she was the one who performed the computer searches -- a claim which was later proved false -- also didn't have an impact.

"They may have known ... that Cindy lied" about doing the searches, she said, "but they think to themselves, 'I wonder if I would do the same thing for my kid? I probably would.'"

While the public may have understood Cindy Anthony's motivation, they appear to be less forgiving of what they view as the smearing of the other Anthony family members by Casey Anthony's defense team.

Kathleen Zellner, a defense attorney who was not involved in the case, said Casey Anthony can never return to the life she once had.

"I'm sure people will offer her money, book deals -- she may in that way profit from this. But emotionally her life has been destroyed," she said. "Her child is dead and her parents have been injured, I don't know how you put that back together. ... People will always believe that she's guilty.

"I don't know how you say 'I'm sorry I accused you of sexually abusing me,'" Zellner added. "It's awful it happened that way. I don't know how the Anthony family will ever recover from that. Because what you hope is that people don't think, well, since they found her not guilty, her father must be guilty, or her brother must be guilty."

Casey Anthony will be sentenced Thursday on the charges for which she was convicted: four counts of providing false information to law enforcement, which are misdemeanors.

ABC News' Jessica Hopper contributed to this story.

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