Casey Anthony's Family Computer Shows Suicide Searches, Lawyer Says


Casey Anthony's Lawyer Found Suicide Searches on Family Computer

In early 2009, Baez wrote that Anthony finally told him her version of what happened the day Caylee died. She recounted waking up, Caylee being missing, searching for Caylee outside and finally seeing her father carrying Caylee's wet, lifeless body from the pool.

Anthony claimed that she had been sexually abused by her father and brother and told Baez that she feared that her father had tried to do something to Caylee and then tried to cover it up.

"The day that Casey actually told me what happened was long into the case. She was essentially the boy that cried wolf at this point in time in our case," Baez told "GMA." "What I tried to do was disprove what she was telling me and I just, quite frankly, I couldn't."

Baez said he was able to corroborate everything that Casey Anthony told him, so he believed her for several reasons.

"One, some of the evidence that corroborates it and there's a handful of pieces of evidence that came forward that she had no idea existed, so I knew that that was important to corroborate," he told "GMA." "And another thing was, I couldn't disprove it. This case was so heavily investigated, so thoroughly looked into when it came only to Casey so no stone was left unturned when I came to Casey."

On the anniversary of Anthony's acquittal and Baez described to "GMA" what he recalls from that life-changing day.

"I remember after the first not-guilty verdict I reached over and squeezed Casey's hand because it was a death penalty case and all I was concentrating on was saving her life," he said. "And after the second not-guilty verdict came, I squeezed her hand even tighter and then the third one...I think I may have cracked a bone at that point. I knew right then that my life was going to change and it certainly has."

Baez no longer represents Anthony who is currently on probation in Florida for a check fraud conviction. Does Baez still keep in touch with Anthony?

"I have contact with her like I have with any other previous client," he told "GMA." "But she is a previous client. I just certainly hope the she'll be able to go on with her life and make something of it.

Anthony has been in hiding since her acquittal and the court ordered her location to be kept secret because of death threats she has received. Her probation ends Aug. 21, 2012.

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