Casey Anthony's Defense Mirrors Story of Jailhouse Neighbor


Judge Again Gets Angry With Casey Anthony's Lawyer

The scolding continued today with Judge Belvin Perry saying that defense attorney Jose Baez had committed a "willful" discovery violation by not making sure forensic expert Richard Eikelenboom had completed a report required by the court. Each expert witness is required to file a report stating the opinions that he or she will testify to so that both the prosecution and defense can properly prepare their cases. Perry stopped short of excluding Eikelenboom. Instead, he is forbidding him from testifying on the DNA testing of decompositional fluid in Casey Anthony's car trunk until the court holds an extended hearing on the manner in the coming weeks.

Eikelenboom testified that one would expect to find DNA on the sticky side of duct tape placed over someone's mouth. Caylee Anthony's remains were found with three pieces of duct tape.

Upon cross examination, Eikelenboom conceded that it would be difficult to find DNA on tape that had been exposed to the same conditions as Caylee's remains.

Orange County Detective Yuri Melich also testified again. This time he discussed the search for chloroform at the Anthony family home. Police didn't search for chloroform until December of 2008, months after an initial report from forensic experts showed Casey Anthony's car tested positive for chloroform.

Marcus Wise, an analytic chemist, seemed to frustrate defense attorney Jose Baez. Wise was meant to refute evidence that showed high levels of chloroform found in Casey Anthony's car. Wise testified that peaks of chloroform were found in carpet samples from Casey Anthony's Pontiac Sunfire. He also said that an air sample from the car didn't show a strong presence of chloroform but that was to be expected since chloroform is a volatile gas that evaporates quickly.

Baez tried repeatedly to get Wise to negate Arpad Vass's qualifications. Vass is the scientist who took air samples from the car. Both are colleagues at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. Wise called Vass "talented."

Vasco Thompson, the convicted kidnapper and surprise witness added to the defense's roster of witnesses, will be deposed Wednesday in the law offices of Cheney Mason, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The defense claims that Thompson and George Anthony, Casey Anthony's father, exchanged phone conversations the day before Caylee was reported missing. Both George Anthony and Vasco Thompson have denied knowing one another. Thompson's attorney filed a motion to quash the subpoena.

"I have no idea who George Anthony is," Thompson said. "The phone number they got, I didn't have that number until February of 2009. I don't know why they dragged me into all this mess."

Baez never said what Thompson's connection to the case may have been, but he has accused George Anthony of helping to dispose of Caylee's body after she accidentally drowned in the family pool.

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