Cellphone Number Gives Midwest Couple Taste of A-List Hollywood Life


"The voice on the other end goes, 'So how does it feel to be living my life?" and it was Nick," said Gray, who plans to keep the comedian's old phone number.

"We talked for a while and he gave me his office number and I was able to shoot over some important messages, like job offers for movies," he said. "You don't want to mess with anyone, but I will go to his parties."

In true Hollywood style, Gray and Foster are now writing a movie about the experience, at the suggestion of Adam Sandler.

"He said, 'Bob, you've got to write a script about this,'" Gray said. "Liza and I and a writer, Adam Jones, have been writing the screenplay and now people want to see it."

"I think so many people are obsessed with celebrity I was too. And you know, a lot of people are looking through that glass window wishing they could be part of the party," Gray said of his ongoing experience. "Its' fun … I'm sure glad I haven't been arrested yet for doing it, but it's been a fun time."

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