Controversial Iowa Law Raises Questions Over Gun Permits for the Blind


"I have a permit to carry. It doesn't restrict me in times of low vision. My permit is still good in heavy fog, it's good in low light, it's good anytime that my vision is obstructed," he said. "If I'm in a room that is low light or total darkness, my permit is still valid, even if I can't see better than a totally blind person."

"People with disabilities are just as much citizens as you and I are. Just because they can't see doesn't mean we should be able to pick and choose what rights they enjoy," Wethington said.

State gun laws in Wisconsin match Iowa's when it comes to the lack of vision requirements necessary to be approved for a gun permit, the Des Moines Register reported. Other states, such as Missouri and Minnesota, require applicants to shoot and hit a target.

And some states have specific vision requirements for gun permits.

In Nebraska, residents need to provide a current state driver's license or note from a licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist that states the person meets the vision requirements, according to the Nebraska State Patrol website. The same rule applies in South Carolina, according to the Des Moines Register.

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