The Most Cringe-Inducing Lines From the Longest OK Cupid Message Ever

PHOTO: This may be the most cringe-inducing OK Cupid message ever.

This OK Cupid message takes the awkwardness of online dating to an entirely new level.

The letter, sent as an introductory message on the online dating site OK Cupid, was posted by two separate recipients to Reddit this month. Its length and strangeness are only compounded by the author's claim that he has sent it more than 10,000 times. He remains single.

You can read the whole thing at Reddit, but here are the most cringe-inducing lines from what the author calls his "Modest But a Tad Blunt Proposal IV." Yes, four. Read on.

1) My Modest But A Tad Blunt Proposal IV: To meet up with you in person because I consider you to be interesting/attractive based on your profile. For the folks whom have received the first proposal please see the updates/musings at the tail end of this message.

2) Disclosures: This message has been used and reused on a number of interesting/attractive females.

3) Potential red-flag: Haven't had a girlfriend in 7 years

4) As I have mentioned above, based on my very limited knowledge of your world views and your chosen online appearance, I have made the assessment to deem you of sufficient compelling interest for me to impart further effort to "get to know you better."

5) After all, the ends to this whole online dating website is not to develop only an online (albeit possibly passionate :P) relationship.

"I have made the assessment to deem you of sufficient compelling interest for me to impart further effort to 'get to know you better.'"

6) Instructions: Reply to this message OR, ideally, text/call my google number (redacted). Schedule for a brief 5-10 minute phone interview

7) Q&A: 1. What if you are a creep? I am not. I can offer you at least 5 references upon your request within 48 hours excluding holidays and weekends. More importantly, I just passed a corporate background check by HireRight. w00t!

8) I still firmly believe that it is a numbers game. I must have sent over 10000 messages and had a reply rate of less than 5%. I have met up with 15 people thus far including a girl living in Singapore.

9) How long have you been on OKCupid? Just filled out my profile on 9/9/2012. Proposal II was written on 11/27/2012. Proposal III was written on 2/4/2013 and was also distributed manually :/ shortly thereafter. Proposal IV was written on 5/31/2014.

10) If you feel like you missed out the first/second/third time around don't hesitate to give me a holla! ;)

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