Danny Pelosi, Convicted Hamptons Murderer, Claims Wife Wanted 'Revenge' on Multimillionaire Husband


The Murder of Theodore Ammon: What do the Tapes Show?

"Ted Ammon was dressed when he answered the door and got jacked up against the wall," Pelosi said.

But it wasn't by Chris Parrino, who, according to Pelosi, subcontracted the beating to two men, whom he called "Dumb and Dumber." He didn't know their names, he said.

"They didn't know that there were nine cameras installed in there," Pelosi continued. "They came in, they jacked Ted up. They tuned him up. For an hour they tuned him up. They tuned him up 'til Generosa and Chris got out there."

Pelosi said he saw security-video footage of Generosa and Parrino walking through the house, but nothing having to do with Ted Ammon or his body.

Still, he was certain who killed Ammon and how.

"Ted Ammon was killed by Christopher Parrino," Pelosi said. "He told me it was an accident. He told me he smacked him in the head with a piece and knocked him out, left him there knocked out. He must have bled to death."

But Pelosi claims he later learned that Ammon's death was, in fact, no accident.

"According to the guys there ... Generosa gave the order to finish him," Pelosi said. "Generosa, 'til the day she died, said these three words: 'He got exactly what he deserved, period.'"

Danny Pelosi didn't address the apparent contradiction between his two accounts of Ammon's death – that Parrino killed him by accident and that Generosa Pelosi ordered the killing.

Pelosi says to protect Generosa Ammon, he decided to get rid of the East Hampton home's security recorder.

"I took out that video unit Monday morning," Pelosi said. "Ted was dead for a whole day and a half when I went there."

Pelosi said he drove to a canal in Lindenhurst, Long Island, and threw the unit in.

"If I tell you where it is, go get it. Put a diver in the water," Pelosi said. "I'm told the [memory] drive is sealed just like a black box in an airplane."

To learn what ABC News found in the canal, and to see the full story, watch "Revenge for Real: Murder in the Hamptons," online here.

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