Day Care Boss Allegedly Caught on Camera Hitting Child With Stuffed Toys

VIDEO: Day Care Employee Caught on Camera Allegedly Abusing 4-Year-Old
WATCH Day Care Employee Caught on Camera Allegedly Abusing 4-Year-Old

Police in Florida have released cellphone video to ABC affiliate WFTV that they say captures a day care worker physically abusing a child.

Kimberly Reid, 41, who is director of the Children’s Palace Learning Center, about 20 miles west of Orlando, is allegedly seen hitting a 4-year-old boy with stuffed animals and picking him up by his arms, legs and tossing him to the ground.

The video was recorded by Reid’s co-workers, who reported the alleged incident to the state Department of Children and Families after they claim the abuse has been going on "for weeks,” authorities said.

"It's very disturbing to watch a video like that,” Clermont police officer Erin Razo said. “It almost makes you sick to your stomach to think that somebody could do something like that to a four-year-old child."

Reid is defending her actions by calling it "rough play,” according to police.

Arrested Friday and now facing child abuse charges, Reid is scheduled to appear in court in two weeks. She is still in jail and slated to get a public defender later this month.

Children’s Palace Learning Center, where phone calls from ABC News went unanswered, has been closed indefinitely. The Department of Children and Families says the day care owner plans to give up her license and sell the business.