9 Take Your Dog to Work Day Tips


7.) Bring something comfy for her to lounge on. Eventually -- probably around the time of that big staff meeting nobody has prepared for -- the novelty of having a dog in the office will wear off for your co-workers. So bring a bed, a fluffy blanket or a crate to stash beside your chair or under your desk where Snookums can hang out and watch you work.

8.) Remember to do your work even if Mister Fuzz is giving you puppy eyes and licking your hand. Your boss was kind enough to allow your dog to join you for the day. Don't make him or her withdraw the offer next year.

9.) And finally – have fun! Bringing your dog to work with you has many benefits. According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association, nearly one in five companies allows their employees to bring their dogs with them to work on a regular basis.

Fifty million people surveyed by the APPA said they believe having pets in the workplace helps people get along better. And 55 million said they believe pets in the workplace leads to more creativity.

So will my two Italian Greyhounds be roaming the halls at ABC News on Friday? Sadly, no – they haven't yet been invited and I'm not sure I want to take the chance that they'd find a way to streak through Diane Sawyer's set while she's on air. And trust me, they'd find a way.

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