Donald Trump Releases Health Care Reform Plan

PHOTO:Donald Trump speaks at a rally held at Signature Flight Hangar in Columbus, Ohio, March 1, 2016. PlayMaddie McGarvey for The Washington Post via Getty Images
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Donald Trump finally laid out his healthcare reform plan Wednesday, explaining how he plans to repeal and replace Obamacare -- a campaign talking point of his for several months that’s been vague on specifics.

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The seven-point health care reform plan was released one day after winning seven GOP primaries, and a day ahead of the Republican debate in Detroit.

The plan calls for repealing Obamacare, breaking down barriers that prevent the sale of health insurance across state lines and making individuals’ health insurance premium payments fully tax-deductible.

According to the plan, published on his website, the reforms are “simply a place to start” and are intended to broaden access to healthcare, lower costs and improve quality.

Not everything in the plan appears to be consistent with Trump’s previous comments on healthcare.

For example, his plan calls for eliminating the individual mandate, which under Obamacare, requires all Americans to have health insurance. But in February, he said during a CNN town hall: “I like the mandate. Here’s where I’m a little bit different. I don’t want people dying in the streets.”

The plan says a Trump presidency will “reduce the number of individuals needing access to programs like Medicaid.”

“The best social program has always been a job – and taking care of our economy will go a long way towards reducing our dependence on public health programs,” the plan says.