Dougherty Gang Sister Told Police She 'Deserved to Get Shot'


Bookman that he is as baffled as to why the tight-knit trio embarked on a dangerous and violent crime spree.

"I don't know what her motive was, if she in fact did this. I have no idea what they would have been hoping to accomplish or why they would have even undertaken such activities," Bookman said.

He described his fiancé as someone willing to put herself in danger for the sake of her family.

"She thought family was everything and she was the kind of person that would jump on the grenade to save her siblings, even if it meant losing her own life," he said.

Bookman respects the tight family bonds, but said that from his point of view, it's time for Dougherty to start worrying about herself.

"At this point, I think it's time [for her] to worry about herself and let [her brothers] worry about themselves," Bookman said. "I love Lee Grace and hopefully someday I can see her again as a free woman."

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