'Dr. Judy' Doubts Casey Anthony's Penchant for Lying Can Be Cured


Casey Anthony Therapy Will Be 'Formidable Challenge' to a Therapist

Wish said the problem generally develops in early childhood and can come from a lack nurturing and stability, especially from parents.

Casey Anthony's murder trial tore apart the Anthony family with lurid accusations that her father and brother molested her and that her father had a mistress. George Anthony denied those accusations. Casey Anthony's relationship with her mother was also portrayed as strained, with several witnesses saying that the two argued a lot and were often at odds.

Psychologists agree that all of this could contribute to Casey Anthony's penchant for lying.

Kuriansky believes that Anthony might be able to benefit from supportive counseling, but this would be a formidable challenge for a counselor or therapist who would need to be on guard about believing anything Anthony said.

"It's really hard to treat," Wish said. "You can't say it's impossible, but it's very difficult."

"These are people that cannot withstand very much self-examination, but you can work on emotional regulation and helping them understand and see [things] differently," Wish said. "It's a very small rope of balancing emotions and thinking."

All three psychologists agree that it mainly comes down to what the person in question wants. If they want help, they can be successful, but if they do not, it is virtually impossible to help them.

Casey Anthony is a free woman and her next step is up to her, and perhaps her lawyers, but Wish believes, "She still needs something. She can't just be tossed out there."

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