Dunwoody Day Care Killing: Trial Begins for Georgia Engineer Charged With Murder


"Ian enjoyed spending time with his father and spending time with his friends at daycare, didn't know that shortly his loving father, his hero, would be gunned down," Geary said. "Ian didn't know that he was about to see his father for the last time. Ian didn't know that there would be gunshots and that would be the end.

"As Rusty walks to car, Hemy Neuman approaches him, walking towards him, and shoots him three times -- here, here, and here," Geary said as he demonstrated the motions. "As Rusty falls in the parking lot, dying, Hemy Neuman isn't satisfied. He walks up and at contact puts the 40 caliber on Rusty's neck and fires one last time."

Geary expressed his skepticism at the idea that Neuman, an engineer who managed more than 5,000 engineers and an $800 million budget, decided to kill a man without question after being visited by angels and demons resembling celebrities.

"Then this man who didn't know the difference between right or wrong, gets in his van and drives off quickly to get lost in the morning rush hour traffic," the prosecutor said.

Geary said Neuman "doesn't come close" to meeting the requirements for legal insanity.

Esther Panitch, the attorney for Neuman's estranged wife Reilly, has closely followed the development of the case and was taken aback by the defense as well.

"Visions of Olivia Newton John?" Panitch asked. "Really, are we talking 'Grease' or 'Xanadu'? It's hard to imagine a client so arrogant that he believes angels and demons will go over on a jury. I've met with him and he thinks he's the smartest man in the room. It may be his first murder trial, but not for me, the state, or the defense."

Before the trial began, Rusty Sneiderman's family spoke with Jodie Fleischer of ABC affiliate WSB-TV in Atlanta and said they do not believe the defense is legitimate.

"I think this is his ultimate 'Hail Mary' pass," Rusty's sister-in-law Lisa Sneiderman said. "I don't think he has a shot in hell."

Rusty's parents, Don and Marilyn Sneiderman, also spoke with WSB, saying that whatever defense Neuman presents is of little concern to them.

"He's one of those people that doesn't really need to exist," Don Sneiderman said. "So, I don't care what he knows, because whatever it is, it won't make any difference to Rusty and it won't make any difference to me. ... Nothing's going to bring him back. We don't know what justice is. Maybe when we have it, we'll know what it is."

Heather Whitley contributed to this report.

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