Dunwoody Day Care Trial: Alleged Killer Acted 'Totally Out of Character,' Sister Said


"He told me that he had befriended a colleague of his and that he had become close with her in the sense that, for the first time, he was able to really open up to someone about our childhood and talk," Metsch said. "He realized for the very first time that he didn't have that kind of communication with Reilly, but that this relationship was special because of that."

Neuman told his sister in late December 2010 that he was considering suicide.

"He told me he was very depressed, going through very difficult times," she said. "He had been thinking about suicide."

A forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Julie Rand Dorney, who spent three hours meeting with Neuman in jail to assess his mental state, also testified today, telling the court that she chose not to accept any money for her consultations for this case.

Dorney acknowledged on the stand that "when there's a murder charge, there's an incentive to exaggerate symptoms," so she wanted to meet with Neuman to see whether he was faking his alleged mental illness.

When asked about her findings, Dorney said Neuman was "severely depressed," was experiencing "severe marital discord" and was stressed about finances and a bad review at work. He also said that Neuman had considered suicide.

Neuman told Dorney his outlook changed when he met Andrea Sneiderman in April 2010.

"He felt moments of joy, connected, like he had feelings again," Dorney said. "[He] then became very obsessive and would ruminate about that relationship … hard to tease apart how much fantasy or reality."

Dorney said that what Neuman told him about his relationship with Sneiderman was "confusing." He talked to Dorney about his obsession with her, but his testing showed "some possible psychosis," so Dorney did not know whether the affair was real or not.

"[Neuman] would at one point say he had sex with this woman and at later points when I asked him if he was having an affair with her, he would say, 'I don't know, I guess if she says it didn't happen, I guess it didn't happen,'" Dorney testified.

Christina Ng contributed from New York.

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