Dunwoody Day Care Trial: Widow 'Didn't Have a Tear in Her Eye,' Witness Says


Citron testified that she received a call from Sneiderman telling her what happened at 10:30 a.m., which would mean that Sneiderman knew about her husband's death earlier than she claimed.

"[Andrea Sneiderman] then went in the hallway and told the witness that since she didn't believe her, that she wasn't her friend anymore," Geary said. "The display in the courtroom was all for show."

Geary said that Sneiderman then went into the state's witness room after being told not to do so. He said witnesses from GE asked him that Sneiderman not be in the courtroom for their testimony.

"She is making statements during court in the gallery, and I hear her -- and I'm hard of hearing --- saying, 'That's not true,' 'That's a lie,' 'You weren't there,'" Geary said. "I've been tempted to turn and snap and tell her to shut up, but that wouldn't be appropriate."

Sneiderman has been reacting vocally and physically throughout the trial, letting out sobs and shaking her head during opening statements earlier this week.

"She's not following our instructions, she's not following the court's instructions," the prosecutor said. "Everyone has too much going here to have for, for her own purpose, have a mistrial. Our purpose is to convict the man who shot Rusty. I don't want a mistrial."

Geary asked the judge for two things: that Sneiderman be removed from the courthouse and that she be reinstructed that if she contacts any witnesses, there will be consequences.

When Neuman's defense attorney, Bob Rubin, was given the opportunity to weigh in, he said, "What Mr. Geary has laid out is sufficient reason to bar her from the courtroom. We would bar her."

Judge Gregory Adams listened to both sides and agreed to remove Sneiderman "so that I can conduct this trial in a fair and just matter," he said.

"She should be removed and should not have any contact, directly or indirectly, with any witness in this matter," Adams said. "Do not communicate on any level whatsoever."

In addition to Citron, Andrea Sneiderman's father-in-law, Don Sneiderman, testified that she knew about her husband's death earlier than she claims.

Rusty Sneiderman's father told the court that he received a phone call on the day of the incident from Andrea Sneiderman at 9:30 a.m. saying that his son had been shot.

That account conflicted with Andrea Sneiderman's testimony Wednesday, when she told the court that she first heard that her husband was shot when she arrived at the hospital at 11 a.m.

"I didn't know what happened to Rusty until I got to the emergency room," Sneiderman, who has denied that she had an affair with Neuman and has not been charged in connection with her husband's death, said Wednesday. "No one told me what happened to Rusty," she said.

Neither the defense nor the prosecution denies that Neuman pulled the trigger and killed Sneiderman, but they tell divergent stories of what led to the killing.

The prosecution painted Neuman as a calculating killer who planned Sneiderman's shooting for months, going to gun shows, taking a gun safety course, going to target practice, renting a car for the shooting and wearing a disguise.

Neuman's attorney, Doug Peters, said in his opening statements that Neuman believed he had been visited by an angel resembling Olivia Newton-John and a demon resembling Barry White, who told him that Sneiderman's children were his and that he needed to protect them by killing Rusty Sneiderman.

Neuman's defense claims he and Andrea Sneiderman were involved in a hot-and-cold affair when she worked for him at General Electric.

In her testimony, Sneiderman called Neuman "a self-proclaimed delusional individual" who fooled her using "masterful manipulation."

Although she had suspicions about Neuman, she told the court it was "unfathomable" to her that he had really killed her husband until he was arrested.

"I couldn't believe it," she said. "I thought I was crazy. Whose boss kills someone's husband? Affair or no affair -- and there wasn't -- who kills someone else's husband?"

Additional reporting by Heather Whitley.

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