NSA Spying Will Continue Despite Snowden's Leaks, Experts Say


"This is a counterterrorism tool that's been in effect since 9/11 and is very useful," Poteat said. "Our intelligence services collaborate with allied intelligence services and they've long known about this."

"The real damage he has done, Snowden, turns out to be that the printed press has picked up on it as the hottest news," Poteat said.

Both men agreed that despite the revelations that have shocked the world and, apparently, the White House, no effective change will come as a result and Snowden should still be considered a traitor.

"He exposed to the rest of the world just how extensive that capability is. It wasn't just to right a wrong. It was to expose sensitive collection capabilities. In my mind that's traitorous," Sano said.

"The short answer is he should be viewed as a traitor," Poteat agreed.

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