Boy Who Shot Classmate at Age 14 Will Be Retried as Adult


"He wanted to see what it was like on the other side." said Averi. "He liked the way he felt when he was pretty."

Students and teachers had no idea how to react.

"Larry wasn't doing anything that was against the rules," said Boldrin. "He was dressed, using jewelry, using make-up, in a way that a girl would have been able to."

Larry's behavior made him a target for bullying so Boldrin decided to do something nice for him: She secretly gave him her daughter's green prom dress.

"I bagged it up and before school, very privately, I gave it to him," Boldrin said. "I told him to enjoy it. Have fun."

Boldrin said she saw Larry experiencing something that happens in schools across the country: children tormented for being different.

Friends said there was somebody who was particularly "disgusted" by Larry's "flamboyant behavior": Brandon McInerney.

"He would say, 'Well, I'll get you later. I'm gonna hurt you,'" said Averi.

Larry lashed back at the bullying and his actions fueled rumors of a school-yard crush. Three years after the shooting, this past July, Brandon stood trial. There, his defense team would deliver a bombshell: Larry had been sexually harassing Brandon. So who was bullying whom?

The jury in the case ultimately couldn't reach agreement on a verdict. Five jurors believed that Brandon was guilty of murder while seven voted to convict him of voluntary manslaughter.

All did, however, agree on one thing -- that Brandon was not guilty of a hate crime.

The Ventura County District Attorney's Office said today that they would not retry Brandon on the hate crime charge.

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