EXCLUSIVE: Florida Teen Unaware Same-Sex Relationship With Underage Girlfriend Was Illegal


However, in late August, less than a week after her 19th birthday, Hunt was taken to jail again for exchanging 20,000 text messages with her girlfriend – a direct violation of the judge's orders. Authorities revealed that Hunt secretly slipped the younger girl an iPod so they could communicate using a texting app. In addition to the written text, Hunt sent 25 lewd and nude photos and videos of herself.

"Do I think I made a mistake dating someone in high school, that I went to school with and I played basketball with?" Hunt said. "No, I don't think I made a mistake."

Yet, she told "20/20" that she thought it was a mistake when she sent 20,000 text messages, including nude pictures of herself, to the younger girl.

"I needed closure: I felt like I had none when it first happened, in February," Hunt said. "I was...forced to stop talking and forced to stop dating...I just got wrapped up again."

Jim Smith, said he believed that his daughter didn't want to be in the relationship, and that "I think Kaitlyn Hunt forced our daughter to stay in this relationship."

Hunt denies that.

"I love her...as a person," she told Gutman. "I don't think I could ever...be with her again."

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