Houston Woman Charged in Fatal Day Care Fire Returns to U.S.


She still didn't know where 3-year-old Shomari was. When she'd taken him to the day care that morning, he was wearing blue jeans, a blue and white flannel shirt and Jordan sneakers. Now, her little boy was unrecognizable from the burns.

"The whole ER -- all the doctors, all the nurses, three chaplains -- they closed the door and my heart just stopped. They said all the children have been claimed but one and we're 90 percent sure he's your son and we're so sorry he didn't make it," Dickerson said. "I told everyone you might as well kill me too. I'm not going to make it."

Tata Left Seven Children Alone Day of Fatal Fire

The children that Tata left alone ranged in age from 15 months to 3 years. The fire started from oil burning in a pot on the stove, according to court documents.

Witnesses saw Tata arrive by car to the Houston home after the fire had started, according to court records. She could be heard screaming, witnesses told the Houston Fire Department.

Tata was rushed to the hospital following the fire, but was later released. She was too ill to be interviewed at the scene of the fire or in the hospital and refused to talk when arson investigators arrived at her home the day after the fire.

Dickerson said she learned about the day care when Tata was passing out business cards at a Wal-Mart. She said that the day care was certified and that it always appeared clean and very organized.

Makayla, Dickerson's daughter, has a long recovery ahead of her.

"This is going to take the fun out of her childhood. She should be out playing, enjoying life," she said.

Dickerson told ABC News today that she has spoken with the other victims' parents and that her daughter has another surgery scheduled soon.

"She's real strong, and we're gonna get through it regardless," she said.

ABC News' Dana Hughes contributed to this report.

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