Fishing crew rescues stranded kayakers off the California coast

Santa Barbara fishing crew catches two stranded kayakers, drifting miles off the coast of Goleta, California. "You saved our lives."PlayRocky Lee
WATCH Fishing boat rescues stranded kayakers miles off coast of California

Two kayakers have a California fishing crew to thank for reeling them in.

According to ABC-affiliate KEYT, two kayakers on Sunday were drifting miles off the coast of Goleta, 15 miles west of Santa Barbara.

The Stardust Sportfishing crew threw a life ring to the man and the woman who were barely treading water and were not wearing life jackets.

As seen in the video, a kayak is floating in the distance behind the two.

"They put the guy on first," Jason Diamond, one of the owners of the Stardust, told KEYT on Monday. "He was exhausted, bobbing to the point where his head was going under."

Once on board, the man and woman continuously thanked the fishing crew for saving their lives.

"We do these drills all the time," said Diamond. "That was just a good textbook save. Those guys did a great job."

It is unknown at this time why the two people were stranded or what happened to the kayak.