Full Transcript: Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta Sits Down With Martha Raddatz


SECRETARY PANETTA: I think -- I mean, I think they did a good job at kind of -- you know, indicating how some of this was pieced together. But as I said, there were an awful lot of people involved in that effort. It was a lot of teamwork th -- that was involved on the intelligence side, on the military side -- working with the White House. And the problem is in a movie that lasts two hours you just cannot do justice to -- the effort that was made to go after Bin Laden.

MARTHA RADDATZ: And in terms of the enhanced interrogation, that has created a lot of controversy. Did you think that was an accurate portrayal in that movie?

SECRETARY PANETTA: I don't know frankly. I mean, I -- I was not a part of -- you know, of those decisions and never did see or witness -- anything like that. And thank God I didn't. So I -- I can't tell you whether it was accurate or not. Obviously it was something that was used. As I've indicted in the past -- I know obviously there were some bits of information that came from that. But frankly—

MARTHA RADDATZ: That led to Bin Laden?

SECRETARY PANETTA: Well, I think -- I think when you look at the intelligence effort that was involved here, it pieced together an awful lot of information that came from a lot of directions. I can't tell you that any once piece of information was key to leading to Bin Laden. Because in the intelligence business you have to depend on a lot of sources, a lot of intelligence in order to determine how you -- how you're able to achieve a mission.

MARTHA RADDATZ: Final question about that. How about the portrayal of Leon Panetta (LAUGH) by Tony Soprano?

SECRETARY PANETTA: Well, you know, thank God it was an Italian. That's probably the best I can tell you. (LAUGH)

MARTHA RADDATZ: He had an apology or something for playing you?

SECRETARY PANETTA: He wrote a note and said, "You know, as an Italian I'm sure, you know, you probably have a lot of concerns about how I played your role." But you know, the -- the reality is I like him, I like him as an actor. I've met him before. And -- he did a great job in the movie.

MARTHA RADDATZ: Thank you, sir.

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