George Huguely Trial: Defense Says Yeardley Love Suffocated After Drinking


Defense Rests in George Huguely Murder Trial

Today's witnesses follow a day of medical testimony in which the physical cause of Love's death was dissected by forensic pathologists and brain experts.

A brain expert who dissected Love's brain testified on Tuesday that Love experienced an injury of such great force that it "twisted" the blood vessels in her brain, causing the brain to hemorrhage.

Dr. Christine Fuller, a neuropathologist, said there was no indication of a natural cause of death and that the level of brain injury, bleeding and damage on Love's brain was caused by a powerful blow to the head.

A great amount of force is needed to twist the brain's blood vessels, more than could be sustained from falling on the ground. The injury was consistent with a head banging against a wall, Fuller said.

Love's official cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head.

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