George Huguely Trial: Huguely Had 'No Intent' to Kill, Was a 'Stupid Drunk,' Defense Says


"The question is whether he actually caused her death in the course of committing an unlawful act or if he behaved with some kind or recklessness," Coughlin said.

In total, Huguely has been charged with six counts: first-degree murder, felony murder in a robbery or attempted robbery, robbery of a residence, burglary, entering a house with the intention to commit a felony and grand larceny.

"I think the jury will be persuaded that [Huguely] engaged in conduct that caused her death and there was some sufficient culpability," Coughlin said. "The issue is how culpable. How culpable was his mental state?"

"We know that he was in that room, that there was some conduct that caused death and the issue is what was in his mind?" she said.

The possible sentences for the range of charges and possible conviction are anywhere from one year to life in prison.

"So you can see the stakes involved for both sides," Coughlin said. "It's huge. And it all comes down to his mental state."

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