George Zimmerman's Credibility at Stake as He Is Ordered Back to Jail


During two of the recorded calls, Shelly Zimmerman was speaking with her husband from a Credit Union, and in one of the calls Zimmerman himself, was speaking directly to a Credit Union official.

During another recorded conversation on April 16, prosecutors say the two were discussing how to move forward with bond.

George Zimmerman: If the bond is more than 15, pay the 15. If more than 15 pay 10 percent to the bondsman.

Shelly Zimmerman: You don't want me to pay $100.

George Zimmerman: I don't know.

Shelly Zimmerman: All right just think about it.

George Zimmerman: I will.

Shelly Zimmerman: That's what it's for.

O'Mara said that the couple was not deliberately hiding money, and that it was "more of an innocent misunderstanding than a devious attempt to hide money."

At the time, Zimmerman was hesitant to use a bondsman to secure his release, due to the fear of an outsider knowing his whereabouts.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office officials said they know the whereabouts of Zimmerman, who is mandated to wear a GPS ankle bracelet 24/7 and that they are in constant contact with him.

Although it is almost a certainty that his attorney will seek to regain his freedom albeit a much higher bond, Zimmerman now faces the prospects of facing the next year or two in protective custody.

Zimmerman's attorney had earlier waived his right to a speedy trial and earlier during the hearing before his bail was addressed had said he didn't expect the trial to begin until sometime during 2013 at the earliest.

Prosecutors said they believe Zimmerman misled his attorney about his financial situation as well as the court.

Along with conversations about their finances, prosecutors also told the Judge that Zimmerman was hiding a second passport from authorities that he acquired shortly after the Martin shooting and had stored in a safety deposit box.

But after his bond he did turn the second passport into his attorney who quickly notified the court. The judge agreed with his attorney, that the second passport, which was never used, was not being hid maliciously.

Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump who looked elated as the judge made his ruling spoke before cameras and said this was the most important development of the case so far.

"We think what just transpired in the court room was very, very important," said Crump. "It was at the crux of the matter in the whole case. Judge Lester finding that he was dishonest is very important because his credibility is the most important thing in this entire case."

No known evidence exists detailing who instigated the confrontation between the two, but the second-degree murder case against George Zimmerman could hinge on his assertion that the unarmed teen attacked him. Zimmerman is the only person who knows exactly what happened that night.

Friday's hearing began with the state and prosecution unsuccessfully arguing that releasing more evidence to the public could jeopardize Zimmerman receiving a fair trial and unduly burden witnesses in the case.

The judge sided with the media's claim that Florida's broad public record laws mandated that more evidence be released but said he needed 30 days to figure out how to best to handle the release.

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