Hearing Our Heroes: NY High School Students Listen to Veterans

Vito Fossella, Jr., a former congressman from Staten Island and enthusiastic supporter of Hearing Our Heroes, told ABC News the group is "an outgrowth of not just honoring veterans but of 9/11. 9/11 hit this town very hard, we lost a lot of young men and women in those towers and in the hours afterward."

Fossella recognized these teenagers "could be doing a lot of different things -- X-box, and video games, and hanging out with their friends, and everything under the sun -- or doing nothing." But they've chosen to spend many hours helping "the group of people that have kept this country free for more than 200 years."

They have kept this country free, yes, but they may have trouble asking for and accepting help for themselves.

"The big problem with vets, there are a lot of them that will not accept help because they're too proud," said Mazzella. "I tell them, 'Let the kids help. Swallow a little bit of that pride.'"

Sean Egan's next step?

"You know, we've done a lot on Staten Island but Staten Island is a very small part of the United States of America," he said.

He hoped to spread Hearing Our Heroes to more schools, "hopefully all over the country."

Mazzella hoped it goes nationwide, "because it would be a big boost to veterans across the country, knowing that other people do care."

The Vietnam vet in the USMC jacket has high hopes for Sean.

"I see this kid as being some kind of politician and a leader of some kind, making a big difference somewhere," Mazzella said. "He's got my vote, and I'll back him 100 percent."

But the backing would come with one caveat, he added: "That is, if I get on the list of him shoveling snow for me."

Kidding aside, Mazzella called the students "a group of outstanding young men. ... It's nice to know that the country is gonna be in good hands when I get older."

As for Sean, he likes the smiles on the faces of the vets when he and his friends listen to their stories and help them with whatever the older generation feels needs to be done. Maybe, he said, "they look back and think, 'You know, this is what I fought for. I fought for future generations.'"

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