Hired to Kill: What Does It Take to Be a Hit Man?


The ATF approached Vasco's wife, who agreed to help them catch her husband. They had her makeup done to look like she'd been attacked and shot in the head and took her to the woods to be photographed. Ken returned to the prison and showed Vasco the photos of his seemingly dead wife.

"There was joy and evil in his face at the satisfaction of knowing she was dead," Ken said.

The undercover team confronted Vasco at the prison, telling him at first that his wife had disappeared. When he denied knowing anything, they decided to bring in Ken.

"You could just see his shoulders slump, his head kind of drop down," Ken said. "Tears started coming out, and he knew he had been had."

"When someone's being so evil next to you, it's like, 'How can you even conceive of something like this?'" Jose said.

The ATF undercover agents all risk their lives for these assignments, but they are also husbands and fathers who reassure their families as best they can.

"I tell them there's a lot of good people out there that are watching my back," Ken said. "And they're going to make sure I go home every night."

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