Garrido Investigators Unearth Bone Fragments

The Berkeley officers ran a background check on Garrido and discovered he was on parole. They conctacted his parole officer and mentioned Garrido's two daughters. The parole officer, who had visited Garrido's home on previous occasions, immediately realized something was wrong because there had been no mention or signs of children in Garrido's life.

The parole officer called Garrido in for an interview and during that session, Jaycee Dugard announced her true identity and Garrdio admitted he had kidnapped her.

Jaycee was reunited last week with her mother, Terry Probyn, and her half-sister Shayna who was just a year old when Jaycee was kidnapped.

Her stepfather, Carl Probyn, told "GMA" today that mother and daughter are overjoyed to be together again, though Jaycee's family is having a hard time stomaching the details of her last 18 years.

"I actually stopped her and wouldn't let her tell me," Probyn said of the details his wife shared with him. "It upset me too bad."

Probyn said the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children has been assisting the family and Jaycee has been meeting with a psychologist. Probyn told ABC News last week that his stepdaughter feels guilty for bonding with Garrido over the years.

"She's just going minute by minute," he said today, adding that all the girls are "very smart."

As the investigation works to unearth the hellish secrets of Garrido's back yard, a look inside the squalid complex of tents and sheds -- which locked only from the outside – gave a disturbing insight into the life Jaycee has had for nearly two decades.

Books were stacked on crudely built shelves among trash and a seemingly out of place "Welcome" sign. One of the book titles was "Self Esteem: A Family Affair." There was also a display of cat decorations adorning a dresser.

Jaycee Dugard: Hostage in Plain Sight

Authorities have said Jaycee may have acquired impressive computer skill during her imprisonment which she used to help Garrido's printing business.

Contractor Ben Daughdril was one of Garrido's regular customers and said that when he saw Jaycee there was never any indication that she had been kidnapped and was forced to live a life of filth and abuse.

"She was friendly. Didn't look distressed, didn't look upset," he said. "She came across as very professional and polite."

Campbell said Jaycee's case serves as a reminder for everyone to be very aware of their surroundings and to report anything that seems out of the ordinary.

"Be aware," she said. "Pay attention to things."

Garrido has maintained, both in interviews and writings, that he is a reformed man.

He walked into the FBI field office in San Francisco two days before his arrest and handed over a letter describing how he'd cured his disturbing sexual behaviors and how the information could be used to assist in curing sexual predators.

The FBI spokesman in San Francisco told ABC News the rambling letter is very similar to the postings on Garrido's website.

The document that talks about cures for sexual predators and ways of "controlling human impulses that drive humans to commit dysfunctional acts."

Probyn told "Good Morning America" on Sunday that his concern is Jaycee, not her kidnapper.

"It's been 18 years," Carl Probyn told "GMA" Sunday. "I'm glad we got her back. I don't care about him."

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