How to Report a Missing Child Sighting; Protect Your Children From Child Abductors


4. Stay in Groups: The most critical time for attempted abductions is when a kid is going to and from school or a school related event, McBride said. Summertime is also a time of heightened danger because kids are often alone longer and outside longer. Parents should teach their kids to stay in groups whenever possible.

5. Stranger Danger Is Wrong Message: How a child and how an adult defines a stranger are very different. Offenders are often patient, appear nice and offer kids something that doesn't seem evil—a puppy, candy. If an offender appears nice, they lose that stranger status. McBride says you shouldn't instruct your child to avoid all strangers because a stranger might be who helps them flee from an abductor or exploiter if you're not with him or her. An important message to give to your children when it comes to someone who they are suspicious of, they do not have to be polite to that person. "They do not have to respond to the person...if they get engaged in conversation, then they let their guard down," McBride said.

6. Practice and Have a Plan: McBride said that you should instruct your kids first and foremost that getting away is the most important thing. Secondly, when out with your children, discuss and practice different scenarios.

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