Jerry Sandusky Defense Ignores Detailed Accusations


Last week, several of the alleged victims said that they were abused in the Sandusky's basement while Dottie was upstairs. One witness even told the jury that he had screamed for help while being raped in the basement, but no one answered his call. And the man known as Victim 4, who was the first witness called by the prosecution, said that during a trip to a bowl game, Dottie walked into a hotel room while Sandusky was allegedly trying to sexually abuse the boy in the bathroom and asked, "What's going on in there?"

Dottie Sandusky has released few statements to the media, noting only that she fully supported her husband. She was sequestered away from the trial because she was an expected witness.

Amendola may also call Matt Sandusky, Jerry Sandusky's adopted son who is expected to testify that he was never abused at the hands of his father.

The defense is also expected to call on an expert witness to testify that Sandusky is diagnosed with histrionic personality disorder, a condition which they say makes him overly affectionate.

If Amendola calls the expert witness about the disorder, the prosecution will be able to call a rebuttal witness in the mental health field who may come up with his or her own explanation for Sandusky's behavior. Sandusky was reportedly evaluated by a psychologist for the prosecution over the weekend.

Dr. Liza Gold, a psychiatrist at the Georgetown University Medical Center, said that the disorder does not necessarily explain Sandusky's behavior.

"I personally and professionally don't see how such a diagnosis could explain intimate letters," Gold told ABC News. "There is no association between histrionic personality disorder and any type of child sexual abuse of any kind."

Amendola will likely also continue to go after the credibility of the witnesses who accuse Sandusky of sex abuse by possibly entering phone records that show the men may have planned their accusations together or other witnesses who heard the men say they were hoping to get rich off of the case. Amendola questioned a number of witnesses repeatedly last week about whether they ever told anyone they were dreaming of big houses or big cars resulting from civil suits tied to the case.

Other children that Sandusky mentored through his Second Mile charity or Penn State-affiliated programs may be called to testify that he never acted inappropriately with them.

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