Josh Powell Tragedy: CPS Worker Pleaded for Cops to Come Before House Blew Up


At a custody hearing last week, a judge said Josh Powell would have to undergo a psychosexual exam before he could get his kids back.

In another of the seven 911 calls just released, Jeff Bassett, Josh Powell's attorney, told the 911 operator about an email he received from his client.

"I understand he may have had an explosion. I may have some information," he told the operator after identifying himself.

When asked what information, he replied, "Just if it was an accident or if it was more than that. I got an email from my client and that could give every indication it was intentional. ... Basically, it says 'I'm sorry and goodbye.'"

Ed Wadagnolo, who said Powell worked for him, called 911 after seeing news of the house explosion and said he received a similar "strange email" that read, "I'm sorry. Goodbye."

Both Bassett and Wadagnolo said they received the emails at 12:05 p.m.

The tapes of the CPS worker, Alina Powell and Bassett were among seven released today. The others included frantic, fearful voices of people who heard the explosion, saw the house engulfed in flames and called 911.

A female neighbor told the 911 operator that there was "a loud, huge boom. And there's crap flying all over the place, dark smoke."

"Fire. Fire. There's a house on fire. Explosion," a male neighbor said. "The house is totally engulfed in fire, from front to back."

Stay with ABC News for continuing coverage of the Powell case and watch "Sins of the Father" on "20/20" Friday at 10 p.m. ET for an in-depth look at this family tragedy.

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