Judge Orders Abortion Billboard Removed, Man Refuses


Billboard's Endorsements Removed Due to Controversy

The original billboard had two endorsements that have since been removed. The first was from the National Association for Needed Information, or NANI, an organization Fultz created for the study of anti-abortion issues. The acronym also happens to be his ex-girlfriend's first name.

After a few weeks, Fultz removed the NANI endorsement because its mention distracted people from the intended message, he said.

An anti-abortion rights organization called Right to Life New Mexico had also originally endorsed Fultz's billboard and given its permission for Fultz to use its logo. But it pulled its endorsement when it learned that Fultz was unsure whether Lawrence had had an abortion or a miscarriage.

The billboard cost $1,300, which Fultz paid for with the help of donations. Fultz said the donations came from various individuals who heard about his plan, not from businesses or other anti-abortion rights groups.

According to the Alamogordo Daily News, Thursday's court order said that both Fultz and Lawrence must appear before Commissioner Darrell N. Brantley in Domestic Violence Court.

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