Martin MacNeill's Mistress 'Shocked' by Guilty Verdict


"I offered to, willingly, move out and allow things to settle, and, he said, 'No,'" Willis said.

Both Alexis and Rachel testified at their father's murder trial in Provo, Utah, saying they believed he killed their mother. Willis said she understood the animosity her former lover's children feel for her.

"I was more selfish back then, and truthfully, I was living my life for me," she said. "I did not have any intention of impacting their lives. I never thought I would be associated with Martin long term. And I'm sorry for it."

Unrelated to the first-degree murder and obstruction of justice charges that the doctor was found guilty of on Saturday, both MacNeill and Willis had been convicted of fraud in 2009 for using MacNeill's adopted daughter's social security number so Willis could open bank accounts under a false name in order to escape bad credit. That daughter had been sent back to Ukraine, but only for a summer.

When MacNeill was released from prison in 2012, prosecutors charged him with first-degree murder and obstruction of justice in the death of his wife.

Willis took the witness stand last week during MacNeill's trial, where she testified that she allowed their relationship to continue while they were both incarcerated, even pretended she and the doctor were a married couple, because she was lonely. But Willis said she ended their relationship during the federal fraud case.

"The relationship ended when I realized that I was being thrown into a federal case and that my association with this person had destroyed my life and career," she said.

When asked if she had any regrets, Willis said, "I regret that people were hurt."

"I loved Martin very much during the time that I was actually in a relationship with him," she continued. "Before that, I cared for him, but I knew it wasn't going anywhere, and so I was just making happy memories. But I am terribly sorry for all of the people that this has impacted."

When asked if she still loves MacNeill, Willis said, "I loved Martin. I care for him on a very, very deep soul level."

"I truly cared for him and I can't say I'm sorry I loved him but I think everyone life would have been better if I had not met him," she said.

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