Michael Jackson's Doctor Conrad Murray Will Likely Be Released in Two Years Due to New Law


Murray sat expressionless throughout the proceeding, only turning once to mouth "I love you" to his girlfriend after the sentence was handed down. As he exited the court room, Murray blew his girlfriend Nicole Alvarez a kiss.

The cardiologist will be housed in a single cell at the Los Angeles County Jail and will be kept away from other prisoners, sheriff's spokesperson Nicole Nishida told The Associated Press.

Pastor began the proceeding by rejecting a motion by Murray's legal team that cameras be evicted from the courtroom during his sentencing.

The district attorney asked for the maximum sentence of four years as well as $100 million -- the singer's projected earnings from the 50-show "This Is It" tour -- payable to the Jackson estate. The prosecution also asked Murray to pay $1.8 million in costs associated with Jackson's memorial service and funeral.

The judge set a Jan. 23 date for determining restitution, citing the high amount.

Lisa Franklin, who was an alternate juror, told "Good Morning America" that it was clear Murray did not have the necessary safeguards in place when things went wrong.

"The three biggest things for us were the 911 call, not calling 911. That was a big issue, and not having the medical equipment in the room to put somebody under sedation and leaving the room," Franklin said.

Before the sentencing, Brain Oxman, the Jackson family attorney, said the clan has experienced a "whole mixture of terrible emotions." Originally, the family, including matriarch Katherine Jackson, wanted the book thrown at Murray. Now, post-conviction, Katherine and daughter La Toya are saying, "It doesn't change anything," Oxman said.

"He's been serving his sentence since June 25, and it's more powerful than anything the judge can do to him," said Oxman, who first met Murray in UCLA's emergency room, where doctors tried but failed to revive Jackson. "I saw a man whose life completely flashed before him. I don't see him as a cold, calculating killer. He did some horribly dumb things."

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