Dale Ostrander is Walking, Talking, Making 'Remarkable' Progress After Near-Drowning


Amazing Survival

"There have been a number of reported cases where people have been rescued from icy water and restored to health," he said. "These cases are not common, but they aren't as rare as one might think."

Doctors believe that he's making remarkable progress.

"He has definitely surprised a lot of people ...," Dr. John Benson, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Good Samaritan Hospital, said. "We've definitely noted progress since he's been here. And where he'll go from here, we don't know."

Dale may not speak a lot, but the Ostranders say their son definitely understands what he hears.

"He gets frustrated because he can't communicate what he does hear and understand ... so even though it's, it's there, I mean he's got memory --- he remembers his dog, Peanut, he remembers his sisters, he remembers movies that he's watched," Dale's father said.

His parents say they see signs of Dale's old self coming back every day. He's again making the heart symbol for his mother -- using his fingers.

No matter where Dale goes from here, his parents say their prayers have already been answered.

"I can't wrap my mind around the fact that he's sitting here with us today. So from what God has done in our lives up to this point, I can put no limitations on what ... can happen from here on out," Chad Ostrander said.

ABC News' David Wright and Alicia Tejada, along with The Associated Press and John Capell contributed to this story.

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