Special Prosecutor Requested in Missouri Teen Rape Case


Coleman tells ABC News that her daughter doesn't remember much of the night, but she describes sneaking into Barnett's basement through a window with her friend. There were five boys at the home, including Barnett, she said.

One of the boys took Daisy's friend into a bedroom while they seated Daisy on the couch and gave her a few sips of a clear alcoholic liquid, she said. They allegedly convinced her to chug a cup of the alcohol.

The next memory that Daisy has is that of waking up in her front lawn about 5 a.m.

Coleman says she found her daughter dumped in the middle of their front lawn, unconscious, with only a T-shirt and sweatpants on in 22- degree weather. Her hair was frozen and her feet were developing frostbite, she said.

Immediately concerned about getting Daisy's frozen body warmer, Coleman drew a lukewarm bath to slowly elevate her daughter's temperature. But as Coleman undressed her daughter, she quickly realized that something far worse was wrong with Daisy.

Daisy's 13-year-old friend had been found back inside the house, laying in Daisy's bed, also unable to talk about what had happened to the pair or why Daisy was outside, Coleman said.

Both girls were rushed to the hospital, where it was confirmed that Daisy and her friend had been sexually assaulted.

Police and sexual assault investigators met the teens at the hospital when they conducted interviews with the girls and filled out legal paperwork.

White told ABC News that "within four hours of receiving the initial call, the sheriff had obtained and executed a search warrant and had rounded up all of the young men involved and interviewed them."

Bob Sundell, a lawyer for Barnett, said in a statement that Barnett "cooperated with the investigation and freely admitted to the sexual encounter. While many may find Mr. Barnett's behavior reprehensible, the legal issue was whether a crime was committed."

Sundell said that the initial charge of sexual assault of an incapacitated person was dropped when he tried to depose Daisy, and the family invoked the Fifth Amendment. Barnett was then charged with the misdemeanor count of child endangerment for allegedly dumping Daily in the yard during the frigid night.

"This time the complaining witness did testify with numerous inconsistencies and changes to previous statements," Sundell said in a statement. "When the alleged victim's mother was questioned about these changes, she freely admitted that her daughter does not always tell the truth."

That prompted dismissal of the misdemeanor count, the lawyer said.

He said that the Barnett family has received numerous threats since the allegations went public.

Immediately after the boys were charged, the Coleman family said they began to receive backlash from the community.

"They were mostly provoking my daughter, saying that she was going to get what she deserved and that they were going to show her what rape was really like," said Coleman. "Another mother called me and said, You need to look at Twitter because she said some boys were threatening to beat your son with a baseball bat."

Fearing for her children's safety, Coleman said she moved her family out of town and shortly after that her house burned down. The cause of the fire is under investigation. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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