Newly Released Documents, Tapes From Maryville Teen Alleged Rape Case Reveal New Details


The case caught national media attention in October 2013 when the Kansas City Star reported on the allegations and Robert Rice's decision to drop charges against Barnett, who was initially charged with felony sex and child endangerment.

The state at the time appointed a special prosecutor to re-investigate the case, which ended in Barnett pleading guilty to the misdemeanor charge on Jan. 9, 2014.

The day after Barnett pleaded guilty, Daisy Coleman's mother Melinda Coleman and her brother Charlie Coleman sat down for an exclusive interview with "20/20," in which Charlie revealed that Daisy did try to commit suicide using pills. She was subsequently hospitalized.

While the family said in the interview that they were disappointed with the outcome of the case, they were glad that Barnett was at least charged with a crime.

"Before, it was absolutely nothing. Everybody thought it was just one big giant lie," Charlie Coleman told "20/20" at the time. "But then, there's also an injustice in it not being able to be the way we wanted. I guess I'm a little disappointed but not discouraged."

Barnett and his attorney maintain that the fact that two independent investigations have cleared him proves that he didn't do anything wrong that night except for leaving Coleman outside in the cold.

Today, Coleman is back at school and told "20/20" she is happier and healthier than ever, but her mother vows she is not done fighting for justice.

"It's not in me to stop fighting," Melinda Coleman told "20/20." "So if ... I need to die from this, then I will, and I'm OK with that."

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