New Hampshire Town Allows Workers to Carry Guns to Work

Supporters said gun owners have rights under the Second Amendment and the Indiana Constitution to carry guns to work. But opponents fear the law could lead to workplace violence.

Indiana Chamber of Commerce president Kevin Brinegar told that businesses prohibited employees from bringing guns to work because they are charged with providing a safe work environment.

"I'm a gun owner myself, but I never brought it to work," he said. "As a business advocacy organization, our employers and our membership overwhelmingly believe that they ought to have complete say and control over what occurs on their property as it pertains to guns."

Brinegar said a major steel mill in Indiana has vowed to keep in place its ban on handguns in the workplace. The chamber could join the litigation if a worker at the mills challenges the ban in court, he said.

VIDEO: Supreme Court Rules Against Chicago Gun Ban
Supreme Court Rules Against Chicago Gun Ban

New Gun Laws Can Expect Legal Challenges

Temple University law professor David Kairys predicted that many local regulations will fall under legal scrutiny. Pro-gun advocates have been emboldened by legal victories.

"The two staunchest regulators of handguns – two of the places that have suffered the most from handgun deaths – are Chicago and the District of Columbia and the Supreme Court now has thrown out those two," he told

He added, "There's a very particular handgun problem. It is the most severe, consistent public health problem for cities over the last several decades and the Supreme Court is incapacitating local governments that want and have a duty to do something about this."

In Nottingham, Brown said he doesn't expect the new law to translate into more town employees bringing weapons to work. He said there are 19 full- time employees and about 35 part-timers. "I don't see it happening," he said. "I don't expect a big change."

The handgun ban for town workers was implemented decades ago after an employee pulled a gun on her former husband, he said.

"She had quite a temper and she brandished a weapon," said Brown, who owns several handguns. "That's what prompted the policy. But I don't think town employees are going to start packing now. This is almost laughable."

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