Family Sues to Force Sex Offender Neighbor to Buy Its House


They are asking that Beck be forced to pay $350,000 that would include the fair market value of their current home and the estimated costs of moving.

"What an unbelievable case," Jamison Colburn, a professor of law at Penn State's Dickinson School of Law, told "Given the extraordinary nature of the relief they're asking, it strikes me that they have an uphill battle."

Colburn said the family could feasibly sell the house at a discounted price, and the court could order Beck to pay the difference.

"That's probably where the court would default to supposing they don't dismiss it outright," he said.

He said it was also possible that the suit could go forward, with some damages eventually paid, even if Beck is not ultimately forced to buy the house.

When asked if he had ever heard of a comparable situation or case, Colburn said, "Not in my life."

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