Penn State Scandal: Mother of Sandusky's Adopted Son Speaks Out


Alleged Victims Ready for Court

In the aftermath of Jerry Sandusky's unexpected interview on "Rock Center" with Bob Costas on Monday night, a number of witnesses are now ready and willing to testify in court that they were sexually assaulted by the coach.

A second boy has said that he is now ready to testify in court, according to Harrisburg attorney Ben Andreozzi, who is representing the boy. According to Andreozzi , the alleged victim called him after Sandusky gave the controversial interview on Monday.

"He has decided to dig in his heels. He's not going anywhere. He fully intends to testify," Andreozzi said.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Andreozzi said Sandusky "elected to re-victimize these young men at a time when they should be healing," and said his client was "disappointed" by Sandusky's comments.

"I think he would like Mr. Sandusky to assume responsibility for the horrible acts he committed on him," Andreozzi said.

Another boy known to be planning to testify is one known as "Victim 1" in the indictment; he is the boy who first came forward to authorities to allege abuse at the hands of Sandusky. The boy has already told his story to the grand jury and is anxious to tell it again in open court, according to his mother.

"He wants him to go to jail, and he wants him to pay for what he's done, and he doesn't want him on the streets where he can hurt somebody else," the unnamed boy's mother told ABC News.

Meanwhile, The Patriot-News reports that hearing Sandusky's interview broadcast on national television Monday has triggered more of the coach's alleged victims to come forward.

"They're literally processing it right in front of us," attorney Andy Shubin told the Patriot-News. "They have kept it from their families, moms, brothers and sisters ... The folks we talked to are largely folks in their 20s, who in a lot of cases have never told their story before."

Shubin has reportedly teamed up with another attorney, Justine Andronici, and along with a team of psychologists and social workers they plan to aid the alleged victims by providing seeking mental help and possible legal recourse.

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